Fossils in the monuments of Seville

Fossils remains have been found on monuments of Seville older than the 70 million years. Rudist reefs from over 70 million years, that dominated the ocean when dinosaurs ruled the earth, scallops and sea urchins Tertiary ... It seems surprising, but all this and more is in the city of Seville. And not exposed in any museum, or in any field, but on the monuments, in view of the visitor, in the stone of its walls, columns, pilasters. To highlight this fact as significant of the heri

The Seville Levíes. Roots of Sepharad

The Seville Levíes. Roots of Sepharad is a new event promoted with the aim of exploiting all the richness and cultural heritage existing in Seville (Andalusian capital in this area, as Seville has one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world and a pioneer in Spain, where it peaked at over thousand Jews in the fourteenth century. Visit our hotel in Seville city center and enjoy our offers. The Sephardic Route Project aims to enhance cultural tourism stream quality based on this legacy

Exposition the treasure of Carambolo in Seville

The gold treasure of the Tartesians El Carambolo Tartesos was found on the hill of El Carambolo of Camas (town of Seville) in 1958. From 2012 will have its definitive place in Seville Archaeological Museum for the permanent exhibition. Great achievement for Andalusian culture and the international exhibition. From the January 17 is located in one of the rooms of the route of the Seville Archaeological Museum. This news will surely attract many visitors as happened in the temporary exhi

Carranza collection in the Royal Alcazar of Seville

The Carranza collection in the Royal Alcazar of Seville can be visited from Monday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 5 pm. Admission is free. If you are looking for hotels in the center of Seville close to the Royal Alcazar, visit our website. This is a collection of Muslim and Moorish ceramics from the Renaissance and Baroque that ranging from the twelfth to the eighteenth century. This is the most important collection of ceramics from Spain and is composed of 171 pieces that are valued

Cultural and leisure information in Seville

In this new section we will try to inform our visitors and customers from Adriano Boutique Hotel in Seville of cultural, fairs, bullfights, exhibitions, concerts, conferences, conventions and events held in our city. Also note that within our booking website you will find discounts, offers and promotions for all types of activities that are carried out throughout the year in Seville. With this we try to give additional stimulus to our customers and future visitors to bet through the ca