Theatralized visit about Murillo in the 'Alcázar' Theatralized visit about Murillo in the 'Alcázar'

The 'Real Alcázar' of Seville premieres nightly visits every Thursday and Friday until October.

Since 01st March 2018, the Classic Theater company of Seville performs performances dedicated to the painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.

Murillo at the 'Real Alcázar'

This year a special program is being held on the occasion of the IV centenary of the birth of Murillo celebrated in Seville. To this is added a cycle of night visits with four daily passes between 9:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. which will be reserved exclusively through the web. The price is 14 euros per person and at the most there will be 45 people per shift.

The playwright Alfonso Zurro is the author of the express text used to represent these theatrical visits dedicated to Murillo. The work is divided into three fundamental parts of the route that:

   1) It begins in the Patio of the 'Montería' with 'The young Murillo', where the disapproval of its march to America with only 15 years takes place and it goes to the 'Corral de Comedias de la Montería' to request work.

   2) Continue in the Palace of King Don Pedro with 'Buy Murillos' where Queen 'Isabel de Farnesio', art collector, will try to buy Murillo paintings because she admires him.

   3) And ends around the Gardens and the Gothic Palace with 'La Exposicion de Murillos' where Pablo de Olavide, Spanish writer, plans a large exhibition of Murillo's paintings in the Alcázar.

These visits of great cultural attraction take us back to the painter's time in this privileged environment both at the monumental and landscape level of the 'Real Alcázar'.

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